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Our Specialties

Mobile One Investments LLC, works with Private Investors to grow a strong Real Estate Portfolio based on RV parks,Storage Facilities and Mobile home parks. We also offer consulting and development services for RV & Mobile Home Parks and Self Storage Facilities. We also purchase properties for future developments and land holds as well.

Tiny Homes

Mobile One Investments has seen a trending push for families to escape the larger than life homes and simplify to a Tiny Home. We have also chosen to help those that need affordable rental homes in this current market and high Real Estate prices. See how we can help you as a renter, buyer or current investor!



We are always looking for serious investors, that are looking for a company and ownership that can offer safe and secure investment opportunities with great returns. With our current investors, our  knowledge of the industry and the deal packages we put together, it won't take you long to see the difference in working with us!


Mobile One Investments seeks to be a leader in the Private Commercial Real Estate class, focused on assets specifically in Self Storage Space, RV Park and Mobile Home Communities. From concept, purchase or development we will buy, build or renovate any existing property and turn it into a community or facility that we can be proud of. Most importantly we will offer a safe and beautiful place for families to live, and a place to store their valuable belongings for years to come. We are also dedicated to Never Be Satisfied! We will always improve and continue to improve our properties for years to come! 


8789 South F.M 730 Boyd Tx 76023

  Jason Heid 940-255-0046

Drake Heid 817-789-8396

Pepper Heid 817-422-3512

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