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Our Focus

We Strive to build a Strong Real Estate portfolio based on affordable living for our clients, focused on RV communities, tiny home communities, land for future development and self storage facilities. We achieve this by partnering with passive investors looking for safe secure investments with above average returns.

Tiny Homes

The soaring housing market crisis, marked by exorbitant prices and steep interest rates made us find a better solution. We firmly believe that tiny home communities present an opportunity for families to break free from their oversized homes and embrace a more affordable way of life. Whether buying or renting, we are confident we have a solution to better our clients way of living one home at a time.



We are always looking to work with passive investors that want to put their money to work with a company and leadership that can offer them safe and secure investment opportunities, while receiving above average returns on their investments. Deals start out with 8%-12% returns and go up from there. If you believe in affordable housing and looking to invest we would love to visit with you and discuss options.

Mission Statement

At Mobile One Investments , our primary aim will be to establish ourselves as pioneers in delivering cost effective housing options for individuals in search of affordable living and self storage solutions. Our core focus will involve acquiring assets such as RV Parks, tiny home communities, land and storage facilities. Whether it's conceptualizing a project, making strategic purchases, or developing properties, we will always commit to buying, constructing, or renovating properties that exude beauty, safety, and affordability for our valued clients. We will remain dedicated with intentionality to our mission and will persistently enhance our properties with the goal of providing affordable living opportunities for years to come. With Passion and Purpose we will move forward.


8789 South F.M 730 Boyd Tx 76023

  Jason - 940-255-0046

Drake Heid 817-789-8396

Pepper Heid 817-422-3512

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