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Mobile One Investments was founded on several of our families core beliefs. Our 4 F's=Faith, Family,Friends,Fun. Our 4 P's=Passion,Purpose, Peace, Perseverance, and also Integrity, Honesty. In fulfilling our mission statement, we will do this by Faith -God first, family dedicated, friends to invest with and make more of and help fulfill their lives, have fun along the way or why else do it? Passion in all we do, know our Purpose and objectives, have peace with Clarity, Perseverance in all we do. Stand and lead with Integrity and honesty.

Meet The Team


Jason Heid

Founder & Director of operations

After 25 years as a Homebuilder, he sold his Homebuilding business and now loves growing  M1 Investments as a leader in affordable housing. M1 offers him more time to think outside the box and plan and prepare for changes in the housing  and storage markets, in a time where costs and interest rates are making it hard for families to survive.  When he's not working on the next project or idea he will either be in the woods or on the water somewhere chasing critters with his Family. He has been married to Pepper for a Happy 23 years! 


Pepper Heid


Pepper has been married to Jason for over 23 years. She graduated from Missouri State University with a Business degree and for most of the last 20 +Years helped build and grow their homebuilding company and handled design, bookwork and marketing all while being a Wife and mom of 2 Amazing boys Drake and Jax. She keeps the team together at home and in the day to day operations of this amazing Real Estate Investment Business. Pepper will continue to help with Marketing, design and acquisition's of future properties.


Drake Heid

Co Founder & Creative Director

Drake Graduated with a Business degree from  Weatherford College. Drake started in Construction, development and Investing at an early age! Before he could drive he was running a skid steer and machinery, while learning to build homes also. His Sophomore year in High school he took the lead on Utilities and underground excavation and Road and pad grading on his first development. Before he graduated High school he already had his own investment property that he still  manages today. All of this while he Carried straight A's in school, started for his High school Baseball team and fished for the Texas High school Bass Association! 

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